About Us

Our mission is simple. Pack the most value possible and make it available to the lowest price possible. Two high marks we work very hard to achieve!

As a small company just starting out, we have BIG aspirations, but with a small budget.

And as a brand new company with lots of hills to climb, we're starting our builds with imports to get things rolling, but as we grow and add staff, we will begin building them right here in Arizona! 

Our long term plan is to have multiple series that hit every budget point, with every feature set we can dream up! Each ranging from builds in the USA to across the globe - and keeping the value high!

Trust us early to deliver a GREAT guitar at a GREAT price, and help us grow to continue giving you the best value in guitars out there!

What's in a name?

We had been using the moniker "Zaar" for many years in another business endeavor and it was derived from our initials, and we felt it translated perfectly to our new guitar company.

Since our mission is to try to bring typically more expensive guitars down to a price that many can afford, the crown and staff logo helps represent putting an element of royalty in the hands of those who own our guitars. The crown representing the leader, the King, the Czar (Zaar), etc, with the staff representing the guitar that is always by his side or in his hands. The name is meant to imply a guitar fit for a king!