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Wall Hanger
Mark Hernandez

Pretty cool hangers with the locking system. Easy to put up easy easy to use.

Z420 Acoustic

I tried a Z420, I figured I would take a chance on it ( not expecting a guitar that looked as good as the advertised one in photos. Well it came and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was even more beautiful than the sales photo. After playing it for a week I found it to be a serious instrument with great tone ease of play is better than a Gibson I have plus the comfort factor with the bevel (great design)! Finally I bought a Martin and Gibson about a year ago but all they came with was a soft gig bag nothing like the very well designed hard shell case Zaar provided. If I could, I would give Zaar 100 stars!! Thank you Zaar!

Rev Stand
Jammin Joe Ciampa
Rev'd up!

It was so easy to put together,it makes me pick up my guitar even more just to hear the sound of those Harley's firing up!

Z690 - Koa Acoustic
Steven Pautz
Of my 11 guitars this is my new favorite

Sounds great and looks amazing

Zaar Z420se experience

I just received my new guitar and after a quick tuning I was astonished at how easily it played and the tone is bright and full. The case is very good and I couldn't be more satisfied. I posted a picture on my Facebook acoustic group and suggested it to anyone everyone who might be looking at Martin or Taylor.

Z840 - Ziricote Acoustic - Elite Series
Michael Lipman / Nashville

Nah, I didn't taste it..really! But it is truly an amazing and gorgeously built guitar. This my 2nd Zaar, the first is my Z420 Rosewood which is now my 2nd favorite after playing my Z840 which is lighter and has a much thinner neck than the 420. As Zaar progresses their guitars only get better and better and personally, I don't see how they can get beyond this one! Except maybe a 12 string version..(I've been bugging Craig for quite Pretty sure this year we'll see one...right Craig? So in closing, if a Nashville musician and songwriter praises this guitar, y'all know it's just gotta be really amazing!

Where do I start

I sat on this decision for quite a while. Very happy that I pulled the trigger on the Z380LE. Out of the box I was completely blown away. Pictures can be misleading and in this case they are. I was expecting more reddish like the pictures . I know the lighting can play tricks with finish, the guitar is more of a brown burst and not the dull sunset red I thought BUT not a deal breaker. Like I said the lighting can play tricks . First inspection, man what a guitar! Smooth, very comfortable, and maple binding along with the abolone is just phenomenal. I won’t say I’ve had tons of high end guitars but I’ve definitely played tons of them not to mention worked on some, and I can’t find anything to complain about with this thing! Everything was executed flawlessly!
Tune up,, the nut can use a little lube but that’s to be expected, I always polish my frets but that can wait till my first string change. Action out of the box is quite good. Can’t say I will change anything. I haven’t plugged it in yet to give the preamp a run but I’ll
Do that later today. GREAT JOB . Easily the nicest guitar in my collection!

How to change the battery in the Zaar z690

How do you change the battery in the built in electronics? It’s a beautiful guitar and I just love it.

Rick Marcel
The Best Ever

The most amazing acoustic guitar I’ve ever played

Sweet Guitar

I purchased a Z540 . The guitar is beautiful. I own many acoustics , and I must say , this one has quality written all over it . Not a flaw in it . Out of the case , the action for me was low and perfect ! Everything so far is perfect. I did order a straight acoustic and ordered a LR Baggs Hi Fi pickup system to install in it .
The only thing I would suggest , is put a satin finish on the back and sides , rather then the glossy finish . But as nice as this guitar is , I can live with it . The price and quality is outstanding !!

Excellent tone, quality craftsmanship. Highly recommended

Metal Tumbler
Rick Marcel
Best Acoustic I’ve ever had

Best Acoustic Guitar I’ve ever played

Beautiful to look at and play!

Stunning looking, great sound and easy play with good action. Wish it came with pick guard but I will get one! Will re-string with lights (Stringjoys) when it’s time.

Best Guitar I’ve ever played

This Guitar feels and vibrates so well tone is clear and yet punchy very elegant with the abalone and lays running through the body. I can truly say this is the best Acoustic guitar I’ve ever played.

So far a nice guitar.

Nice looking and good sound!

Sweet guitar, and sounds great!

This is a great sounding guitar. I finally had a chance to plug it in, and sounds awesome through my amp. Setup was perfect, and the neck is nice and thin. Now, I just need more time to sit and play. Thanks Zaar, and thanks Craig for your help.

Great guitar

So far this is a great guitar for the price.
I noticed the price is lower now am I going to get a break? Another user got one 500.00 cheaper and I saw it advertised for the lower price. I was out of town and just got the guitar on the is a beautiful guitar though and I just need to make some minor adjustments. I will take it in and get that done. Thank you for the great customer support. Rory

First impression

Very favorable. Trying different strings on a couple of guitars. The Zaar strings are well balanced. The B string sounds a little out of sync sometimes on sets that have great reputations. Zaar hit a home run with these.

Beautiful Guitar

I’ve just started to play this guitar. Beautiful design and tone. I may change to 11s from 12s but the sound quality is beautiful.

Love it!

This is a handsome, economically priced, pleasant sounding guitar. I am experiencing a little bit of buzzing, however, it appears to lessen each day.
The buying experience was seemless, great communication from store, and packed expertly. Thank you! Would recommend.

Sound hole cover looks amazing and works very effectively!

The sound hole cover I ordered for my KOA 690E looks really awesome. Not only does it do it's job eliminating those "whoops, I got too close to my amp" feedback sounds, it compliments the guitars beauty as well! Thanks ZAAR!

Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic - Open Box / Demo / Blem
Timothy Mallory
Love this guitar

The Zaar Z420 Santos Redwood, is equal to my best guitar ever. The Walnut Zaar. They just play so well, such rich sound, so easy to do complicated things (I play classical guitar on them) I can't say enough good. And the price is just ubelievable, for this quality.

This guitar is so beautiful and it sounds fantastic. When the reverb and delay are on it makes it sound like a totally different guitar.

I love it!!!

Easily one of the best acoustic guitars I've ever played. It feels great to play and the sound is amazing, and I love the way it looks from the headstock all the way to the body. I definitely recommend this to any guitar player who is looking for an acoustic.