We're Breaking the Mold of Expensive, Overpriced Guitars

The latest innovation of factory to consumer craftsmanship delivers an OUTSTANDING guitar with an unusually low price.

-- All with a "for musicians, by musicians" mantra --

We went all-in, so you wouldn't have to...

Introducing a guitar line that takes high-end features like exotic tonewoods, intricate inlays, beveled body edges, and careful craftsmanship and brings it together with a very attractive price-point.

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Unique tonewoods offer a beauty & tone like no standard woods can & make an artistic expression of their own.

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Tailored to contour your forearm for comfort and playability to help keep you playing longer.

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Exotic inlays help separate elite from the norm and is one of rare features exclusive to high-end guitars.

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Locking Chrome

Chrome locking tuners make an otherwise overlooked part of the guitar standout, and easier to change strings.

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The Result Was Our Feature Dreamlist.

As musicians and guitar enthusiasts, we’ve always loved everything about acoustic guitars.

The look, the feel, the sound...

The unique tone each guitar with subtle variances in wood and shape brings...

But most of the problems with modern guitars are that there is very little "middle-ground" between high-end guitars and affordability.

Your choice is to either go big or miss out.

You'd miss out on all the luxuries of look, feel, tone, playability.

As a customer, I never wanted to break the bank, but I wanted all of those higher-end items.

As a musician who was always on a budget, the absolute best I could do was a middle of the road “big name” guitar, at maybe $1500 - tops.

And even then, half of the features were left for me to dream about.

If I wanted things like exotic woods and inlays, beveled bodylines or specialized bindings... I’d have to mortgage the house to get them. 

This is where we felt something had to change.

There HAD to be a way to bring these things together - all at a price that most could afford.

There was only a few ways to do that, and it involved paving new roads.

We needed to find high-end craftsmanship in unexpected places.

We needed to figure out a way to bring all the features that were important together.

And we needed to figure out how to get it from factory to your doorstep - affordably.

That’s why we decided to launch this guitar company and put together the best guitars we could create, and get them into musician’s hands for less.

We wanted to give every musician a chance to own a really outstanding guitar, without breaking the bank.

There was only one path to doing that.

  - Find top-notch luthiers.

  - Pack high-end features into beautiful looking and sounding tonewoods.

  - Set up a supply chain efficiently with as low of an overhead as possible.

  - Bypass the middle-man.


I’m happy to say, we’ve accomplished this goal in a BIG way. 

~ Introducing Zaar Guitars! ~ 

A brand new guitar company set up to break the rules of a stagnant industry.

The Mark of a Zaar Guitar...

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Timeless Beauty

 Custom Features

Incredible Tone

 High-end Value

Careful Craftsmanship

...And Affordability!

Because This Is What Passion Looks Like...

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Still thinking about it??
Read on...

What Makes a Zaar Guitar High-End?

Great Tone!

First and foremost - Zaar guitars have GREAT tone.

Nothing seems more important to the value of a guitar as the tone it produces.

The Z420 has a wide, balanced spectrum of tone to satisfy even the toughest of critics.

Beautiful Design

We wanted a guitar that looked great while either in your hands or hanging on your wall.

We wanted a design that was as beautiful to look at as it was to listen to.

Not only should a guitar help present your art, your music, but it should visually reflect the beauty of that music.

That's why it was important to us to have a visually striking guitar, with beautiful earth tone colors and abalone inlays.

Its was equally important to have a shape with balance and edges that compete with some of the most beautiful curves we as humans admire.

We feel this guitar holds exactly that level of beauty.

Worthy of play, worthy of a wall hang.

It truly is sonic and visual art.

Exotic Woods

Santos Rosewood is native to Brazil, and is harvested from the fallen trees of their vast forests.

It is a very densely grained, long lasting wood. Despite its density, it is softer than many other dense woods such as ebony.

It's variety of colors ranging from a light golden brown to a dark, reddish brown, often with varying purple accents.

The color variety gives outstanding contrasts while the dense, but softer nature of the wood brings out the full spectrum of sound when played.

Being in the rosewood family, it is considered very similar to Indian Rosewood, though with warmer tones than IR.

While often compared with ebony for its density, Santos Rosewood brings a more brilliant tone than its dense cousin, putting it right in the middle of the sound spectrum between Indian Rosewood and Ebony.

It is the ideal middle ground of grain structure, hardness and density that brings perfect balance of sound and visual beauty to this wood.

High-End Features

So what exactly are those "high-end" features?

Well, in addition to...

A great base guitar build and wood quality,
An exotic wood tone and beauty,
And great attention to detail...

High-end guitars have "added" value of some of the more rare features in acoustic guitars.

Features like...

 - A body bevel, that eases the "dig" into the players forearm while playing.

 - Full fretboard inlays that utilize the entire fretboard with intricate design, while still making full use of traditional markers on the 3rd, 5th, and 12th frets for easy player recognition.

 - Abalone bindings all throughout the body and headstock.

 - Abalone headstock with Zaar crown and staff logo.

 - Chrome locking tuners.

 - Included hard case.

Rarely do you see any of these features, especially ALL of them, in anything other than high-end guitars.

This is what makes our guitar unique. We challenge you to find anything at our price point that include these features.

Comparable Value

What is comparable value?

Well, it's what other brands charge for the same level of quality, same feature set, and same bells and whistles as our guitars.

Its what you WOULD pay if you went elsewhere to get the same, comparable guitar.

Look, we get there will always be subtle differences in features, always be brand choice, and personal preference for these things.

Did Elvis play our guitars? No.

Has our company been around for 100 years? No.

But the end result is a guitar VERY comparable to a several thousand dollar guitar in many ways that doesn't carry that price tag.

Because for most of us, money IS an object. And this is about value.

The best guitar we can make, for the lowest price we can let it go for.

And for the price, we believe this guitar is truly outstanding and is one of the best guitars out there for the money.

We truly believe that.

We think you will too.

It's tough to directly compare guitars, and features, and value, and cost. But we challenge you to find a guitar with the tone, beauty, and featureset like the Z420 at a truly comparable price.

Because other brands' comparable guitars are simply much more expensive.

We've worked hard to keep the prices of our guitars affordable.

And we're proud of the result.

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Still not sure...? Well, how about this...

Full peace of mind with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Order it, pull it out of the box, admire it, play it, lick it, pick it. Give it the full go!

Hang it on your wall, or baby it in the case. Play it alone in your home or out on stage at a gig. 

Try it out for a full 60 days. If you don't like it... send it back. Get a refund on your full purchase price.

No worries, no risk.


Get the guitar that's value is far beyond it's price-point. And get it today for even less!

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Premium Acoustic Guitars

Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic

with Hard Case included!

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Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic
Z420 - Santos Rosewood Acoustic

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